Thursday Track Events


Ashdown Track, Canford Heath
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Les Turner
Juniors 8+

On Thursdays we train at Ashdown track. From 6pm to 7pm the field events (jumping and throwing). During this session Junior members of Poole Runners get to experience a wide range of activities opening their eyes to all events. Also using the track at this time is the steeplechase group. From 7pm to 8pm we concentrate on sprint, middle, distance running (multiple groups to allow for all abilities) and hurdles. Please arrive around 6.45 to commence the first part of your warm-up.

The following events are covered during the session:

  • 6-7pm  Quad kids Multiple Events. (Age 8+)
  • 6-7pm steeplechase training (Age 8+)
  • 6-7pm jumps and throws, weather dependent (Age 11+)
  • 6:45pm beginning of warm-up for next session.
  • 7-8pm:  (Age 11+)
    • Sprints
    • Hurdles
    • Long/middle distance