Thursday Track Work

We regard track work as an extension of any other training, just within a controlled environment.
Anyone who wants to improve their running in a safe and supported environment is invited to join us each Thursday.

  • Meet: Ashdown Leisure Centre Track.
  • Time: 7:15 – a coach led warmup is available on the football pitches.
  • Leaders: Matt East and Andy Howse.
  • Suitable for: Senior and Juniors of all levels
  • Cost: £2.00 per session
    • Track Fees are currently free for the first 2 sessions.
    • No cash is taken at the track, Visit to purchase ‘blocks’ of track fees which are run down as you attend. Alternatively, we accept card payments track-side but these incur a 10% fee..

Speed and Speed Endurance sessions take place on a Thursday night at Ashdown Track. After a warm up, sessions are geared towards supporting improvements in endurance focussed running.

Runners from a variety of backgrounds attend the sessions, these are very much runner led, regardless of ability.

Most sessions are generically ‘effort’ based. If you have particular pace goals for future events, these should be discussed with the coach who will shape the session to support your needs.