Dorset Road Race League  2021

The 2021 Dorset Road Race League is ” on hold” pending the next League committee meeting on 1st February. Many races are awaiting COVID developments before committing to the financial outlay of hosting an event. What format and number of races in the 2021 DRRL League has yet to be decided. 

Our current understanding is:-

Cancelled Races :  Broadstone 1/4; Blackmoor Vale ½; Wimborne 20M

Being planned but no date:, Hoborne 5m Wimborne 10m

Being planned and have a date Marnhull (18/4), NDVM (2/5 )  May 5m (3/5) Puddletown Plod (13/6)  and Lytchett 10m (22/8)

Awaiting decision: Portland 10m,  Gold Hill

Where a race has a fixed date for 2021 it can be found in a blue box on the right. Click the box to be taken to the relevant race website.

Compete in selected events across Dorset to win individual and team prizes.

Poole Runners are members of the Dorset Road Race League (DRRL)

  Both In 2o18 and 2019 we won the Ladies Team Trophy  ( no awards in 2020)

The Dorset Road Race League (DRRL) is a long established road running league. Poole Runners have been members for many years.  Club Members can race in up to 12 events of varying distance, spread across Dorset to win individual and team prizes each year.  To  take part you must be a first claim member and registered to England Athletics. For both individual and team competitions, the best 7 results will score towards the League. For Under 17s the best 3 of 4 and for Under 21s the best 6 of 11 will count.

You don’t have to be selected to be a member of the Poole Runners team. It’s just a case of entering the DRRL race. The first three females and first five males home become our team for that race.

Remember you MUST run seven races to score towards the League.

( This may differ if  there  is a reduced league in 2021 due to COVID restrictions ) 

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Latest Male Team Positions 2020
Latest Mens Individual Positions 2020
Latest Female Team Positions 2020
Latest Ladies Individual Positions 2020

The 2021 DRRL  races that have  a provisional date are  below. Click on the blue box to be directed to the relevant race website. All are “deferred races” from a cancelled event in 2020. Therefore many are already be full or have restricted entries.

Maurnhull 12 APRIL 18th
NDVM May 2nd
May 5 May 3rd
Puddletown Plod June 3rd
Lytchett 10m August 22nd

Upcoming Dorset Road Race League Events