Whilst running is simple, its likely that you may have a few questions along the way! Here you can find some tips and advice on training for a race, dealing with sports injuries, what sports gear to wear and how to fuel your running.

Training for a race?

Whether you are training for your first 5K or for a marathon, we’ve got some tips and advice to help you on your way!

There are many different training plans available, so we’ve picked a few which some of club members have used to help them to a PB.

Sports Injury Advice

When you start running there is always a chance that you can pick up an injury. If you are lucky it may just be a niggle that perhaps a sports massage can solve, however for some people injuries can take you out of action for a while.

Here are some links of places you can go to for further help and some frequently answered questions about common injuries.

Sports Gear Advice


There are many different brands of sports gear, some of which you can get discount for as part of your England Athletics registration or as you are a Poole Runner member.

Running shoes can be difficult to choose, we’ve got some tips to help!

Nutrition Advice


Fuelling your running is important. Getting the right balance of hydration and food will help your performance both in training and during a race.

We’ve got some tips and advice on how you can get this right!