There are lots of  different training plans available when training for a marathon. Here are just a few for you to look at.

You can download each training plan by clicking on the link below:

Sub 3 hours        Sub 3:30 hours        Sub 4 hours        Sub 4:30 hours        Sub 5 hours

FAQ’s on Marathon Training

Do I need to run 26 miles in training?

For most runners, you are unlikely to cover 26 miles as part of your training. Training plans suggest going up to 20 or at most 22 miles to prepare for the day. For most people running 26 miles in training may have a negative impact.

How often should I take gels during a marathon?

Exactly what you should consume in the marathon depends on what your stomach can handle,  and everyone is different. Most say to take a gel every 30 minutes, however some people find this too much.

It is best to experiment with different types of gels and the frequency during your training runs.