6 time trial events –  Upton House on Wednesday evenings.

 We will be exploring all avenues in the hope of holding some form of series in 2021.

Please see below for a current thinking 

About the event

The Poole Runners Summer Series is six  races, each being about 5km, on Wednesday evenings spread over the summer,  competitive and licensed  under UKA  rules  (no dogs, buggies, or headphones), however, we encourage all abilities.   There is a wide range of category prizes and team trophies presented after the last race. You do not have to be  a member of a running club. The  approx. 5km route is all within the beautiful Upton County Park,  starting and finishing right in front of the main house.

The proposed dates for 2021 are below. Due to possible COVID  restrictions these are subject to change / cancellation

Wed 5th May 2021 Wednesday 26th May 2021 Wednesday 16th June 2021
Wednesday 7th July 2021 Wednesday 21st July 2021 Wednesday 4th August 2021

Entry Arrangements for 2021

(Should it be possible to hold the event)

Due to uncertainties regarding COVID regulations etc. it’s currently not possible to predict entry arrangements for the series.   Should the current requirements for additional COVID medical cover and the necessity to have “wave starts” requiring the use chip timing still be in place, entry fees will need  to rise considerable from past years.   Its  hoped to make a statement in mid-January


The 2021 series will again incorporate a team award.  In each race the first three runners from any UKA Club will be deemed to be the Club’s team. The best four results from any of the six races will be used to calculate the winning Club.   Club vests must be worn.

Series Awards

Runners must complete a minimum of any four races to be considered for a prize.

 Overall £75 voucher for both  overall male /female

Category  Awards –  First and Second in the following age bands

14-17, 18-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

 A competitor’s age at the date of the first race will apply to all the races in the series.  Placings will be judged from positions within the runner’s category only. Any ties will be decided on position in the last race of the series.

View Junior Route
View Senior Route

2019 Age Category Winners
Entry list as of 31st Jan 2021

Provisional results for race one 5th May 2021. These will be confirmed seven days after the race finish and placed in the relevant box below.

Senior’s race one provisional results
Junior’s race one provisional results

The following are confirmed results, no further changes will be made:

2021 Senior Results

Senior Results – Race One 05/05/2021
Senior Results – Race Two 26/05/2021
Senior Results-Race Three 16/06/2021
Senior Results – Race Four 07/07/2021
Senior Results – Race Five 21/07/2021
Senior Results – Race Six 04/08/2021


2021 Junior Results

Junior Results – Race one 06/05/2020
Junior Results – Race Two 27/05/2020
Junior Results-Race Three 17/06/2020
Junior Results – Race Four 08/07/2020
Junior Results – Race Five 22/07/2020
Junior Results – Race Six 05/08/2020


Full 2021 Seniors Sequential Results

2021 Sequential results


2021 Team Positions

2021 Team Positions after Race 1
2021 leading age categories

Seniors results form past races

2020 no series