Monday Couch to 5K


Poole Park
9-week course
Every Monday, 6:30pm
Esther Downes
£25 for 9 weeks (includes entry to local 5K race)
The next course starts on 15th April 2024.

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Our ‘Couch to 5K’ programme is suitable for anyone looking to get into running. Our 9 week course is based on the NHS programme which increases the running time and distance gradually each week, however we add a few extras in which include some speed and fitness training.

Meeting at The Kitchen in Poole Park every week gives a focus and chance for you to meet others in a similar position. Its a fun and friendly programme run by dedicated coaches to help you along the way and keep you motivated.



What really seemed impossible a few weeks ago has been made possible by the Couch 2 5K programme and its amazing volunteers who never gave up on me. In the very first session we had to do several 60second runs. I found it really hard and felt that I was the most unfit person there. I cried all the way home, convinced I would never be able to ‘run’. But through the encouragement of the volunteers and comments on the dedicated Facebook page, I kept going. Even though I found myself at the back of the group someone was always there supporting me. I now run 3 times a week, including the local Parkrun, and still can’t quite believe I’m running 5K regularly. I’m not the fastest but 5K is 5k however long it takes!
Carol Walkley


Poole Park Couch 2 5k….well, what can I say? It started out as a supplement to my training for a walking marathon, but it ended up being much, much more than that. Apart from gaining the feeling of acceptance from the very beginning, I have gained strength, stamina and more confidence in my abilities. The week on week guidance was firm but fair and tackled with gusto by an ever enthusiastic group……enthusiasm which was caught from our very willing tutors who give up their evenings to help us achieve goals we never even thought possible of setting ourselves. Their love of running is infectious and I’ve loved every single session so much. I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to a new activity. If you think you can’t run, or like me, you’ve always said ‘I’m not built for running’, go and give it a try……you might just be proved wrong!
Lisa Clark