Starting to run or joining a club can be a daunting thought, however we’ve got some great beginner sessions that are open to all. Depending on your level, choose from one of the beginner sessions below. Come and give it a go!

Option 1 – Never run before/Not run for a long time

Want to give running a go? Perhaps you want to lose some weight, set yourself or goal or just get fit? If you have never run before or not for a long time and would like to give running a go, then our Couch to 5K programme is probably the best starting point.

This programme starts with some gentle running combined with walking, aiming you to get to run 5K in 10  weeks without stopping.

Option 2 – Monday evening Poole Park social run.

Following on from the Couch 2 5K programme is our Monday evening ‘Park to Poole Runners Social Run’  Although led by Poole Runners, this is not a ‘coached’ training session. The basis is a 5 mile steady run, averaging 9:30-10.00 min mile pace (approx 48-50 mins for a five mile route). More details & regular updates via our ‘Park to Poole Runners’ Facebook page:

Option 3 – Casual runner that wants to improve

If you’ve been running now and again or have entered a race and want to improve your running, then our Wednesday night club sessions are ideal.

Different paced groups are available to choose from, starting from 4 miles at 9 and a half minute mile pace. We are a friendly club and make everyone welcome.

There’s so many benefits to joining a running club. Meet like minded people, stay motivated and improve your running.