Road Running History

  • Poole Runners have a long tradition of road running, since the club was formed in the early 1980s at the start of the marathon boom, and has been a key part of the Dorset road running scene ever since.

  • The club has supported and competed in the Dorset Road Racing League (DRRL) since it’s inception, winning the overall women’s or men’s team trophy many times, together with numerous podium team places.

  • The DRRL is a series of 12 road races held across the county throughout the year, with the annual presentations traditionally held on New Year’s Day following the Broadstone Quarter Marathon. DRRL races change each year (full details available at )

  • The club has successfully hosted many road race events, including the Poole Festival of Running with 10k, 5k and children’s races. The New Year’s Day Broadstone Quarter Marathon, Boscombe Winter 5k series (plus the popular off-road Upton Summer Series & local cross country events)

  • Runners of all abilities and experience are welcomed and encouraged to represent the club. The club has supported several international runners over the years across all ages, as evidenced by the club’s road records.

  • The club was recognised by Runner’s World magazine as it’s inaugural UK Club of the Year, and has also won the England Athletics South West Club of the Year award.

Poole Runners – Club Road Records

Men's Road Records

5KWilliard Chinhanhu14:4619/11/2005Boscombe
10KWilliard Chinhanhu29:0120/05/2007Manchester
10 milesSteve Mayman48:011991Bournemouth
Half MarathonWilliard Chinhanhu63:2509/04/2007St Peter Port
MarathonSean Hogan2:18:5102/10/2022London

Vet 40 Men's Road Records

5KMike Grist15:4213/04/2005Yeovilton
10KSteve Mayman31:2624/06/1995Poole
10 milesSteve Mayman52:5026/11/1995Bournemouth
Half MarathonSteve Mayman69:2721/04/1996Valognes, FRA
MarathonDave Cartwright2:31:301995London

Vet 50 Men's Road Records

5KIan Barnes15:581999Yeovil
10KIan Barnes32:3406/04/1997Totton
10 milesIan Barnes54:241997Preston
Half MarathonIan Barnes73:1712/10/1997Southampton
MarathonDave Cartwright2:44:1513/04/2003London

Vet 60 Men's Road Records

5KArthur Johns18:2822/05/2010Cardiff
10KIan Barnes37:1309/05/2007Wareham
10 milesDave Cartwright63:4013/03/2011Salisbury
Half MarathonAlan Lewis83:0819/03/2011Windsor
MarathonDave Cartwright2:54:3622/04/2012London

Women's Road Records

5KVicki Ingham17:0616/04/2022Poole
10KVerity Ockenden34:2706/11/2016Leeds
10 milesVicki Ingham59:2415/10/2023Twickenham
Half MarathonVicki Ingham78:0103/09/2023London
MarathonVicki Ingham02:44:2812/03/2023Valencia

Vet 40 Women's Road Records

5KChristine Thomas18:1926/03/2004Boscombe
10KHelen Dyke38:0324/11/2013Boscombe
10 milesChristine Thomas62:582003Wimborne
Half MarathonChristine Thomas86:2804/04/2004Bournemouth
MarathonSharman Barker2:58:451989London

Vet 50 Women's Road Records

5KJanice Palmer19:3807/09/2010Poole
10KJanice Palmer40:5330/03/2011London
10 milesJanice Palmer69:0019/02/2012Lytchett
Half MarathonJanice Palmer91:0505/02/2012Bishops Caundle
MarathonJanice Palmer03:15:5022/04/2012London

Vet 60 Women's Road Records

5KPenny Jarvis23:1231/07/2021Poole
10KSarah Barrett46:3512/12/2010Christchurch
10 milesPenny Jarvis79:4622/10/2023Weymouth
Half MarathonPenny Jarvis01:48:0405/02/2023Bishops Caundle
MarathonPenny Jarvis03:47:4109/10/2022Chicago, USA