Poole Runners Virtual Club Championship 2021

Friday 1st January – Wednesday 30th June 2021  inclusive

However due to the unpredictable nature of the current COVID  regulations all dates and races are subject to change 

 The Virtual Races need to be completed on specified dates between a  Friday & Sunday.  Dates will be specified shortly on a Facebook events page.

. Both the East Farm Series ( run as a series, your best time will count)  and the Club Mile will need to be entered in advance and there will be a closing date a couple of weeks before each event.  

Your best six races of the following twelve events to count – you must complete any six events to qualify. 

Events as follows: 

  1. 5k Parkrun route: Poole, Date TBC
  2. 5k Parkrun route:, Blandford, Date TBC
  3. 5k Parkrun route: Moors Valley.  29th-31st  Jan 2021
  4. 5k Parkrun route: Upton. Date TBC
  5. 5k time trial – East Farm  Series- 17th Jan, 21st Feb, and 21st March ( see note below)
  6. 3.5 mile summer series “rewind” – TBC March.
  7. 5 miles – Tarrant Rushton – TBC April.
  8. 1 mile – Club mile – Canford SANG – TBC May.
  9. 10k – Purbeck 10k course – TBC June
  10. 10 miles – Wimborne 10 course – TBC.

“For The Virtual Club Championship 2021 The East Farm 5k races will be run as a series – this means your fastest time of any  off the 3 races will be used to award your points. If you only complete 1 of these events that time will be used to award your points. Points will be awarded as before (50 for 1st place and 49 for 2nd place etc).”

A Facebook event  page will be created for each event. A map of the route will be also be  displayed. – please do not deviate from this.

Except for the East Farm Series and Club Mile your results must strictly be a screenshot of your ELAPSED time from Garmin or Strava – to be posted on the Facebook Event Page before the closing date. Only 1 entry per event allowed (if you attempt the course more than once, please only submit 1 time.)


  • There will be age category awards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • For 2021 both the male and female age categories will be identical and are ­:- 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45 -49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79.
  • In each event the 1st  runner will be awarded 50 points,  2nd  runner 49 points and 3rd runner 48 points etc.
  • Your best six scores will be combined for the final listings.
  • All categories will be based on your age as of 1st January 2021. Minimum age for seniors awards is 18.  Prizes will be presented at the end of the year.


  • Your best 6 races to count – you must complete six events to qualify.
  • You must be a fully paid-up member of Poole Runners (including social and second claim) at the time of completing the events.
  • You do not need to wear your vest.
Click here to enter the East Farm Series

The results for each race will be placed in the tabs below. Prior to the event they will be linked to the relevant Facebook event.

Poole 5k Park Run
Blandford 5k Park Run
Moors Valley 5k Park Run 29th-31st Jan 2021
Upton 5k Park Run
East Farm Race One 17/01
East Farm Race two 21/02
Summer Series ??/03
East Farm race three 21/03
Tarrant Rushton ??/04
Club Mile ??/05
Purbeck 10k ??/ 06
Wimborne 10 TBC

 Sequential Male and Female positions showing   points based on best six races   

2021 Upcoming Club Championship Events