Links on Sports Nutrition

Taking the right levels of fuel and hydration in training and during racing can make a difference to your performance. Here are some links on products and further advice.

High 5

High5 supply sports products to help with energy levels, to hydrate and recover from your running.



SIS (Science in Sport)

Science in Sport provides sports nutrition for athletes and sports enthusiasts. SiS has three core product ranges: SiS GO, comprising of energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and hydration tablets; and SiS REGO, a range of full spectrum recovery products; and PROTEIN.



FAQ’s on Sports Nutrition

How can I avoid getting cramp?

Muscle cramp during a race can be extremely painful. A involuntary spasm can occur that may affect your performance perhaps even forcing you to pull out.

As well as ensuring you train properly, taking the right hydration can also be a factor to minimise the chance of getting cramp. High 5 have a useful page on their website with more information. View here.