Track and Field Philosophy

Poole Runners in all its sections believe that enjoyment is fundamental to everyone in sport. This underlies everything the club does.

  • We do not push the athletes to train or compete too often, athletics should be part of your life, not all of it.
  • We do not expect juniors to train more than a maximum of three times a week, less when competing. The amount and nature of training will be structured around the individual athlete’s competition and personal diary.
  • We do ask and expect that anyone that attends the training session is attending to train.
  • We ask for all athletes to listen and to put the most effort they can into every session (if injured please let a member of coaching staff prior to the session).
  • We expect respect to come through in every session towards the coaching staff and fellow athletes, not forgetting those that may have taken their time to transport the athlete to the training session.

Everyone is important. Whether you are nationally ranked, or you can’t make the school team, you are still an essential member of Poole Runners. The club will always do their best for its members.

We do not expect youngsters to specialise at an early age, and in fact we encourage “have a go” at all disciplines whether throws, jumps, sprints, middle or long distance, cross country, or any other athletics event.  All members are encouraged to try different sports, you never know what event you may not have discovered yet!

We aim to make each session enjoyable as well as being a focussed training time.

Social interaction and events are also important.  Our athletes make a lot of friends through their membership of the club.

We always try to compete as a team. Our main goals are team competitions where everyone can feel part of it. We will often go to championships and open meetings as a group as well.

In team competitions, we try to make sure there is room for everyone, and no one is forced to do things they don’t want to. The club enters several leagues so that our athletes can compete in appropriate events and have plenty of opportunity.

Finally, there is no pressure put on any athlete to win. This is counter-productive and doesn’t bring the best out of people. What we encourage at all times is that you do your best.