AGM 26th February

The Club held its Annual General Meeting at Broadstone Leisure Centre on Wednesday 26th February.  Thanks to all who attended.

Reports were presented by the outgoing chair Sean Perrin (click the button on the right to read) and then the treasure Pete Ferenczy. Pete stated that the Club was in a health financial position.

There were no proposals presented by members and the new committee posted below was duly elected.  Thanks to the committee member s who have stepped down for their input and welcome to the new committee members.

Congratulations to Sarah Swift on being elected a Club Chair for the forthcoming year. We wish her well.

The new committee is below

ChairSarah Swift
Vice ChairMorgan Smith
SecretaryKirsty Cooper
TreasurerPeter Ferenczy
Membership SecretaryRoger Cross
Competition SecretaryGraeme Beckett
Male Team CaptainNeil Sexton
Female Team Captain Paula Barker
U18 Working Group (co-opted)Kate Somers
PFoR Chair (co-opted)Sean Perrin
Committee MemberLaura Cornwell
Committee MemberJason Wilkinson
Committee MemberKelly Amos
Committee MemberFaye Law
Committee MemberMelanie Austreng
Committee MemberRobert Campbell Smith
Committee MemberShannon Evans
Committee MemberAlison Gunn-Smith