Poole Runners Positions  in Race Four 

In the fourth of the six race series three Club members  battled it out for lead position with student Daniel Mulryan finishing in top spot, closely followed by team mates Dominic Willmore and Andrew Smith. The top 5 finishes all completed the 3 and a half mile undulating course around Upton Park in less than 20 minutes, Vicki Ingham was the first female closely followed by Poole Runner junior Fern Kimber.

Dave Cartwright took top spot under ther age goading system, closely followed by Ian Barns.

A reminder that the senior’s prizegiving will be after the last race on August 9th at “The Junction” Broadstone. All Clubs are welcome. The next race is Wednesday 26th July.

Poole Runners only positions are below.  The table can be “auto sorted” into categories by using the tabs on the table header.

Race Four Poole Runners only results 

PositionNameRace CategoryTime
1MULRYAN, DanielMale 20-390:18:23
2WILMORE, DominicMale Youths 14-190:18:46
3SMITH, AndrewMale 20-390:19:33
8TOWNER, JohnMale 20-390:20:23
10CLAXTON, SteveMale 40-440:20:39
17WILLMORE, NathanielMale Youths 14-190:21:26
19EAST, TomMale Youths 14-190:21:42
20EAST, MattMale 40-440:21:49
22STRATFORD, ChrisMale 20-390:21:55
24BRODIE, WilliamMale Youths 14-190:21:58
25INGHAM, VickiFemale 20-390:22:00
26SOMERS, ColinMale 40-440:22:08
30KIMBER, FernFemale Youths 14-190:22:31
32SEXTON, NeilMale 20-390:22:44
33CURRAH, PaulMale 20-390:22:46
34MUMFORD, JasonMale 40-440:22:48
35O'CONNOR, SimonMale 50-540:23:01
38BARRATT, EllaFemale Youths 14-190:23:12
39GOSDEN, JoeMale 20-390:23:12
40MOYSE, GrahamMale 55-590:23:18
41CARTWRIGHT, DaveMale 65-690:23:29
46DEAN, BeckyFemale 20-390:23:41
49FORSTER, AliceFemale Youths 14-190:23:47
51NEWBURY, GavinMale 20-390:24:03
53BARNES, IanMale 70-740:24:07
56PHILLPOTTS, KateFemale 20-390:24:16
58SHORT, LitaFemale Youths 14-190:24:28
64AMOS, SteveMale 20-390:24:45
72WINGROVE, DerekMale 20-390:25:20
74AMOS, KellyFemale 20-390:25:28
78FOX, SteveMale 45-490:25:48
84DAISH, SteveMale 60-640:26:04
85SOMERS, IsabelleFemale Youths 14-190:26:08
89HAUGHEY, TerryMale 65-690:26:11
95SWIFT, SarahFemale 45-490:26:29
96DAVIS, SteveMale 50-540:26:30
101LEWIS, HowardMale 45-490:26:49
105LIVERMORE, EmmaFemale 20-390:27:11
109FROUD, DarrellMale 20-390:27:17
111INGHAM, PaulMale 60-640:27:26
114BROWN, RobertMale 45-490:27:34
118FRAMPTON, RobertMale 55-590:27:41
120CLASBY, AlanMale 65-690:27:45
122DOWNES, EstherFemale 20-390:27:49
123SHORE, EmmaFemale 20-390:27:53
126JANSSON, LarsMale 70-740:28:00
128WESTHEAD, JoannaFemale 45-490:28:08
133DWYER, GaryMale 55-590:28:28
134WALKLEY, AdamMale 45-490:28:31
136GUERRIER, HelenFemale 20-390:28:41
142WILLIAMS, RoyMale 60-640:29:05
154WEEDON, ArchieMale Youths 14-190:29:32
155NEWBURY, IanMale 55-590:29:32
163MITCHELL, BarryMale 70-740:30:27
165SHORE, MartinMale 40-440:30:30
170FRAMPTON, MarionFemale 55-590:31:03
175LAW, FayeFemale 20-390:31:30
177BRUCE, HannahFemale Youths 14-190:31:38
182ALAXANDER, AngelaFemale 55-590:31:56
189ARMSTRONG, JosieFemale 40-440:32:42
193GREEN, StephanieFemale 20-390:33:03
197BURRIDGE, LouiseFemale 45-490:33:37
198CULKIN, LucyFemale 20-390:33:40
199BROWN, AngelaFemale 45-490:33:40
202TOWNER, KateFemale 20-390:34:16
213GRAY, MiriamFemale 70-740:36:11
217PIDGLEY, LeeMale 45-490:36:38
223ARMSTRONG, PaulMale 50-540:37:08
237CHANDLER, JaneFemale 60-640:39:42
252WALKLEY, CarolFemale 45-490:46:23