Wimborne 10 Results

Well done to our forty one members who raced at Sunday’s  “Wimborne 10”. It was a great turnout. Our Men were  1st team,  and our Ladies 2nd team.

The provisional  results are below. These   will be updated  in “table format” are soon as the race organiser  posts the “confirmed results”


The DRRL web-site  has been updated with provisional Wimborne results & with final race on Sunday at Boscombe there is only a point in it between us & Littledown for final position.
> http://www.sirisaac.co.uk/cgi-bin/racedata16.pl?club=0&sex=0&search=League+Positions

400:59:19CLAXTON, SteveMV40
700:59:31YATES, StevenMV35
901:00:30TOWNER, JohnSenior Male
1101:01:07AKERS, MichaelSenior Male
1501:02:25TROWBRIDGE, BarryMV35
2901:04:08HAINES, JohnMV45
3701:05:18EVELEGH, JonMV35
4601:06:43OGLES, StephenMV40
7101:09:08LANGER, MelFV35
7401:09:36SOMERS, ColinMV40
7901:10:05MESTON, RichMV40
10001:12:45DEAN, BeckyFV35
11301:13:49DOBBS, MarkMV50
12901:15:19FORSTER, RobertMV45
13401:15:41FRAMPTON, KellySenior Women
13501:15:52OZANNE, DavidMV55
14801:16:31CALTON, DavidMV60
15001:16:41MOYSE, GrahamMV55
16501:17:32FRAMPTON, RobertMV50
18501:18:47KENWAY-CHRIST, FrancescaFV40
19701:19:25DOWNES, EstherSenior Women
22201:21:09SCOTT, GeoffreyMV70
22501:21:37SWIFT, SarahFV45
22601:21:38VINEY, PaulMV45
22701:21:39LIVERMORE, EmmaFV35
23001:21:52CARROLL, MelFV50
23501:22:24AMOS, SteveMV35
25701:23:55CLASBY, AlanMV60
26201:24:18DENNISON, GrahamMV40
26801:24:26JANSSON, LarsMV70
30001:27:05WESTHEAD, JoannaFV45
30201:27:13COOPER, SallyFV40
32101:28:58CRAIG, HilaryFV45
36001:33:21CAMERON, BruceMV70
39001:37:21FRAMPTON, MarionFV55