Please find draft results of last Sunday’s second Wessex  League match.

Well done to all our runners, particularly our Senior Ladies.  Sarah Swift was 1st W45, whilst Daveena Tweed and Claudia Howse were 1st and 3rd W50 respectively.  William East (U11) has yet to be added to the results.  The next Wessex League match is at Yeovil and is a Club Championship event.

As Poole Runners were hosting this event thanks are due to all the marshals and timekeepers from our Club who made the event possible.

U13Girls1300:11:29FORSTER, SusannaU13G
U13Girls3400:13:53SMALL, MillieU13G
U13Boys2900:12:12SOMERS, CharlieU13B
U15 Girls600:15:24KIMBER, FernU15G
U15 Girls1400:16:32SOMERS, IaseblleU15G
U15 Girls2700:17:35HOWSE, LibbyU15G
U15Boys700:14:33WILLMORE, NathanielU15B
U15Boys1300:15:00BRODIE, WilliamU15B
U17Women500:24:35SHORT, LitaU17W
U17Women600:25:06FORSTER, AliceU17W
U17men100:18:58WILLMORE, DominicU17M
U17men400:20:03MITCHELL, JosephU17M
S. Women400:23:38DEAN, BeckySW
S. Women1000:26:06SWIFT, SarahW45 !st
S. Women1200:26:37TWEED, DaveenaW50 1st
S. Women2300:29:26HOWSE, ClaudiaW50 3rd
S. Women3300:34:42TOWNER, KateSW
S. Women3400:35:28BAYNE-AZCARATE, MarbellysW40
S. Men600:32:05CLAXTON, SteveM40 !st
S. Men1400:32:50LUKE, IanM40
S. Men1700:33:18EAST, TomU20M
S. Men2100:38:16HAINES, JohnM45
S. Men2900:39:40OGLES, StephenM40
S. Men3200:40:41SOMERS, ColinM40
S. Men3700:40:59O'CONNOR, SimonM50
S. Men5400:46:39FRAMPTON, RobertM50