Below are Poole Runners only results for race one.  Our Club had a fantastic turn out of seventy five runners in the senior race.  With around twenty other members helping with admin and marshalling there must have been around a hundred members present.   A big thank you to all.

The senior race overall winner was Dominic Wilmore in 19:03 (Currently a new course record!) with Serena O’Connor first female in twelfth place.

Alan Lewis was the highest age graded runner at the event with an age graded performance of 81.16 %. Second on the age graded list was Ian Barns at 80:27%

The table below can be sorted (like the ParkRun results table) into age categories and expanded to show all names.

 Next Club event: Is the Wareham Club run (open to all) on the coming Sunday 14th May.  We have arranged route leaders for this training run so there is no need to be apprehensive about being left on your own.

PlaceTimeNameUKA ClubRace Caregory
10:19:03WILMORE, DominicPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
50:19:51EAST, TomPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
70:20:22CLAXTON, StevePoole RunnersMale 40-44
120:20:55O'CONNOR, SerenaPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-19
130:20:59TORY, RupertPoole RunnersMale 20-39
170:21:31SEXTON, NeilPoole RunnersMale 20-39
200:21:41WILLMORE, NathanielPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
240:22:16SOMERS, ColinPoole RunnersMale 40-44
250:22:17KIMBER, FernPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-19
260:22:24EAST, MattPoole RunnersMale 40-44
270:22:25STRATFORD, ChrisPoole RunnersMale 20-39
290:22:36CURRAH, PaulPoole RunnersMale 20-39
320:22:52GRIST, MikePoole RunnersMale 50-54
330:22:58SHORT, LitaPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-19
340:23:00ABDALLA, MoussaPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
350:23:07O'CONNOR, SimonPoole RunnersMale 50-54
360:23:14FORSTER, AlicePoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-19
400:23:25MOYSE, GrahamPoole RunnersMale 55-59
410:23:26MUMFORD, JasonPoole RunnersMale 40-44
420:23:30MOLYNEAUX, DanielPoole RunnersMale 20-39
440:23:41FERENCZY, PeterPoole RunnersMale 50-54
470:23:45PHILLPOTTS, KatePoole RunnersFemale 20-39
480:23:48LEWIS, AlanPoole RunnersMale 65-69
550:24:21GUERRIER, ChrisPoole RunnersMale 60-64
610:24:54BARNES, IanPoole RunnersMale 70-74
630:25:02WINGROVE, DerekPoole RunnersMale 20-39
690:25:33BRODIE, WilliamPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
710:25:36FOX, StevePoole RunnersMale 45-49
720:25:37DAVIS, StevePoole RunnersMale 50-54
790:26:01CARTWRIGHT, ChrisPoole RunnersMale 20-39
810:26:05SOMERS, IsabellePoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-19
830:26:15NEWBURY, GavinPoole RunnersMale 20-39
850:26:18AMOS, StevePoole RunnersMale 20-39
870:26:20LEWIS, HowardPoole RunnersMale 45-49
920:26:40SWIFT, SarahPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
950:26:52BROWN, RobertPoole RunnersMale 45-49
960:26:57WEEDON, ArchiePoole RunnersMale Youths 14-19
980:26:59TIDBURY, LucyPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1000:27:19JANSSON, LarsPoole RunnersMale 70-74
1010:27:21LIVERMORE, EmmaPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1050:27:36DOWNES, EstherPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1090:27:48DWYER, GaryPoole RunnersMale 55-59
1100:27:48WESTHEAD, JoannaPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
1250:28:39GUERRIER, HelenPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1270:28:41LOCK, DarrenPoole RunnersMale 45-49
1280:28:46FRAMPTON, RobertPoole RunnersMale 55-59
1320:29:13INGHAM, PaulPoole RunnersMale 60-64
1390:29:38DOMINEY, AlwynPoole RunnersMale 65-69
1410:29:43BREAKS, LizaPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
1420:29:46CROSS, RogerPoole RunnersMale 55-59
1440:29:56WALKLEY, AdamPoole RunnersMale 45-49
1460:29:58PERRIN, SeanPoole RunnersMale 45-49
1480:30:01SHORE, MartinPoole RunnersMale 40-44
1550:30:29HOWSE, ClaudiaPoole RunnersFemale 50-54
1580:30:41CRAIG, HilaryPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
1620:30:52SOMERS, KatePoole RunnersFemale 40-44
1700:31:08DENNISON, AmandaPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1710:31:08SHORE, EmmaPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1720:31:08AMOS, KellyPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1760:31:21LAW, FayePoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1770:31:25CORNWELL, LauraPoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1850:32:18BROWN, AngelaPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
1870:32:23ALAXANDER, AngelaPoole RunnersFemale 55-59
1880:32:25WILLIAMS, RoyPoole RunnersMale 60-64
1920:32:45TOWNER, KatePoole RunnersFemale 20-39
1940:32:50BURRIDGE, LouisePoole RunnersFemale 45-49
2030:33:33ARMSTRONG, JosiePoole RunnersFemale 40-44
2050:33:46FRAMPTON, MarionPoole RunnersFemale 55-59
2090:34:05BAYNE-AZCRATE, MarbellysPoole RunnersFemale 40-44
2150:34:52GRAY, MiriamPoole RunnersFemale 70-74
2390:38:15CHANDLER, JanePoole RunnersFemale 60-64
2410:38:21ARMSTRONG, PaulPoole RunnersMale 50-54
2630:44:43WALKLEY, CarolPoole RunnersFemale 45-49
2640:44:43INGHAM, CarolePoole RunnersFemale 60-64