Stickler Results

Well done team Poole Runners today at the Stickler. Our ladies got a 1st place team prize. John Haines has your wine. He has promised not drink it before Wednesday (morning?!)  Our men got 3rd place team prize.   Provisional results are below. The organisers are aware of a couple of errors, these be corrected later.

1301:12:19CLAXTON, SteveMV40
1501:12:42HAINES, JohnMV40
2001:13:18TORY, RupertOpen Male
4201:17:01EVELEGH, JonOpen Male
4701:17:30EDWARDS, IanMV50
4901:18:00LANGER, MelanieOpen Female
5901:19:02COOPER, MickMV50
9601:23:43INGHAM, VickiOpen Female
10801:24:50GUERRIER, ChrisMV60
17101:30:21PHILLPOTTS, KatieOpen Female
17201:30:23HAUGHEY, TerryMV60
20501:32:28FRAMPTON, KellyOpen Female
20801:32:46DOBBS, MarkMV50
23601:35:46FRAMPTON, RobertMV50
24001:36:00AMOS, SteveOpen Male
26701:38:23SCOTT, GeoffreyMV70
29301:40:44TWEED, DaveenaFV50
33101:43:55MITCHELL, BarryMV70
42601:56:23FRAMPTON, MarionFV50