South West XC Champs Dorset  Results 

Dorset results for the South West XC championships which took place at Exeter racecourse on Sunday 8th Jan. Weather conditions were excellent with just a little drizzle before the senior ladies set off. The venue  was new to all runners and wasn’t challenging from an elevation perspective but was a little tricky underfoot in some of the sections. It was an excellent showing of Poole Runners seniors and Under 18’s, both in club and county vests. Notable Poole Runners results:-

  • Serena won 1st U20 and 3rd female.
  • Daveena was 3rd W55.
  • The Dorset U13 were first overall receiving the South West Gold Medal



(Table can be “auto-sorted” and expanded akin to the ParkRun table)

U11 Boys 1.6k29Finlay Nunn05:20
U11 Boys 1.6k44Garrett Newbury Smith06:21
U11 Boys 1.6k46Dalton Newbury Smith06:29
U11 Boys 1.6k47William East06:32
U11 Boys 1.6k49Beauford Newbury Smith07:41
U11 Boys 1.6k50William Lowbridge08:23
U13 Girls 2.8k48Susanna Forster09:34
U13 Girls 2.8k66Georgina Stokes10:31
U15 Girls 3.2k5Fern Kimber10:04
U15 Girls 3.2k47Isabelle Somers11:26
U15 Girls 3.2k56Gilly Robson13:31
U15 Girls 3.2k57Libby Howse14:00
U15 Boys 4.4k33Nathaniel Willmore14:57
U15 Boys 4.4k57William Brodie16:59
U17 Women 4.4k24Alice Forster16:34
U17 Women 4.4k27Lita Short16:40
U17 Women 4.4k28Zoe Stiby16:42
U17 Men 5.7k9Dominic Willmore19:54
U17 Men 5.7k29Joseph Mitchell21:04
Senior Women 5.7k3Serena O'Connor21:20
Senior Women 5.7k46Katrina Ashford25:24:00
Senior Women 5.7k59Sarah Swift26:35:00
Senior Women 5.7k66Daveena Tweed28:24:00
Senior Women 5.7k72Claudia Howse31:55:00
Senior Women 5.7k73Angela Brown33:10:00
Senir Men 8.55k18Daniel Mulryan29:28:00
Senir Men 8.55k40Tom East31:00:00
Senir Men 8.55k81Andy Howse33:30:00
Senir Men 8.55k103Matthew East36:02:00
Senir Men 8.55k120Alan Lewis39:01:00