Final Wessex League Position for the 2016 season 

The Poole Runners Cross Country runners team continues to show great development in times and skill set for cross country. At the last event a number of athletes obtained automatic selection to run for Dorset, with others expected to be selected for the Dorset team. The week leading up to this event was hit by substantial illness’s, some athletes made it back to full fitness, others not quite, whilst some took to their beds. All that ran had strong determined runs with a lot of high placed finishes. This race was used to try out some new things and as a strong dress rehearsal for the bigger races that are heading quickly our way in the next couple of weeks. 

 Overall Poole Runners Team Positions in the 2016 Wessex League were:-

 Senior Woman      2nd Team

Veteran Female     1st Team

Senior Men              3rd Team

Veteran Men           2nd Team

U17 Men                     2nd Team

U17 Woman              3rd Team

Overall Poole Runners Individual Positions in the 2016 Wessex League were:- 

U17 Boys           1st   Dominic Willmore

U20 Woman   1st   Serena O’Connor

Vet Woman     3rd Sarah Swift

Results for the final Wessex League Race at Bryanston School 

U20W10:24:12O'CONNOR, SerenaU20W
U20M10:30:43EAST, TomU20M
U17W40:17:55SHORT, LitaU17W
U17W80:18:34FORSTER, AliceU17W
U17W40:17:55SHORT, LitaU17W
U17W80:18:34FORSTER, AliceU17W
U17M50:14:26WILLMORE, DominicU17M
U17M70:14:57MITCHELL, JosephU17M
U15G50:13:42KIMBER, FernU15G
U15G160:15:16SOMERS, IsabelleU15G
U15B70:13:19WILLMORE, NathanielU15B
U15B100:13:34BRODIE, WilliamU15B
U11B320:09:11EAST, WilliamU11B
Senior Woman10:24:12O'CONNOR, SerenaU20W
Senior Woman130:30:06SWIFT, SarahW45
Senior Woman170:31:21TWEED, DaveenaW50
Senior Woman230:35:35FRAMPTON, MarionM50
Senior Men50:30:43EAST, TomU20M
Senior Men370:42:54FRAMPTON, RobertM50