Well done to all our runners in the 2016 Bournemouth Marathon Festival. There were 38 Poole Runners taking part with seven PB’s.

Full Marathon Results

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
200Paul Currah (1318)3h 29m 42sMale
346Chris Stratford (1320)3h 43m 30sOver 35 : Male
462Robert Frampton (1212)3h 50m 36sOver 50 : Male
726Neil Sexton (3465)4h 4m 3sOver 35 : Male
1357Graham Dennison (4643)4h 43m 6sOver 40 : Male
1363Derek Wingrove (2356)4h 43m 33sOver 35 : Male
1705Sue Tipping (4856)5h 13m 54sOver 65 : Female

Half Marathon Results

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
74John Haines (10230)1h 26m 18sOver 45 : Male
102Colin Somers (10381)1h 28m 34sOver 40 : Male
132Vicki Ingham (10292)1h 30m 30sFemale
140Grant Phillips (11012)1h 31m 0sOver 45 : Male
232Jason Mumford (11407)1h 35m 10sOver 40 : Male
334Paula Barker (75009)1h 37m 47sOver 45 : Female
513David Calton (11088)1h 41m 55sOver 60 : Male
805Gary Dwyer (13713)1h 47m 59sOver 55 : Male
819Joanna Westhead (12392)1h 48m 13sOver 40 : Female
1135Claudia Howse (12519)1h 53m 39sOver 50 : Female
1584Adrian Clark (11350)2h 0m 24sOver 50 : Male
1612Laura Cornwell2h 0m 42s
1596Emma Livermore (12170)2h 0m 31sOver 35 : Female
1809Amanda Dennison (14539)2h 3m 22sFemale

10k Results

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
312Steve Davis (20578)50m 46sOver 50 : Male
351Hannah Bruce (22276)51m 42sFemale
552Stephanie Luxton (22233)55m 12sFemale
679Louise Burridge (22168)56m 57sOver 45 : Female
1210Marbellys Bayne-azcarate (23489)1h 4m 50sOver 40 : Female
1856Les Turner (24760)1h 37m 52sOver 55 : Male

5k Results

PosName (Number)Chip timeCategory
24William Brodie (30041)19m 49sMale
27Liam Nixon (30030)19m 57sMale
84Isabelle Somers (30524)22m 22sFemale
101Sarah Swift (30548)22m 58sOver 45 : Female
126Esther Downes (75044)23m 58sFemale
142Libby Howse (30537)24m 43sFemale
370Kirsty Cooper (32336)28m 51sOver 35 : Female