Bournemouth Bay Results 2017

Results from the 2017 Bournemouth Bay Series of races. The 5k was in of the Club’s  “Road Race Championship” series.   This race was not timed, but  Championship points are awarded on finishing positions within our Club. These are below.   Congratulations to Viki Ingham for her first overall female in the Bay Half Marathon.

Bournemouth Bay 5k results

Positions in club.
1st Dan Molyneaux
2nd Graham Moyse
3rd Rob Forster
4th Paul Ingham
5th Chris Cartwright
6th Sarah Swift
7th Howard Lewis
8th Graham Dennison
9th Mel Carroll
10th Lars Jansson
11th Barry Mitchell
12th Helen Guerrier
13th Sean Perin
14th Carole Ingham
15th Kate Towner
16th Geoff Scott
17th Les Turner

Bournemouth Bay 1/2 Marathon 2017

8th Bill Day                  1:19:22
11th John Towner        1:21:10
26th Ian Luke               1:25:40
50th Vicki Ingham       1:29:43  & 1st Female
231st Mark Dobbs       1:45:28
517th Catherine Ingham 1:59:47
870th Amanda Dennison 2:25:53

Bournemouth Bay 10k 2017

76th Gemma Oliver   45:29
561st Joanne Cleall  59:37 debut 10k race
651st Sean Perrin     61:55  PB