The “London Marathon Draw” for the Club’s allocated places will be held on the coming  Wednesday( 26th Oct) at The Junction, Broadstone at  c9:00pm. Please hand ( or E-Mail)  your  rejection slips/email to Roger Cross or Mike Towner before 8:00 pm on the Wednesday 26th  Oct. (

 The list of members  who have submitted their reject slips  (as of 3pm  24th Oct) is below

Draw No.Name
101Paul Downes
102Esther Downes
103Steve Fox
104Steve Davis
105Marbellys Bayne-Azcarate
106Kate Towner
107Howard Lewis
108David Calton
109Graham Dennison
110Derek Wingrove
111Kirsty Cooper
112Francesca Chrestopher
113Jon Evelegh
114Dougie Gray
115Mark Dobbs
 The Club will be given just two Club spaces by the London Marathon organisers . However we will draw out three names. The third out will only be used in the highly unlikely event of us obtaining an additional place, or one of the first two names out deciding not to run before we have sent details to the VLM Club place organisers.



  1. You must have a London Marathon rejection  proof
  2. You must be a paid up first claim member on or before 31st August
  3. You must not have drawn a Club place the preceding year

It’s also expected that if you enter the draw you intend to run in the 2017 London Marathon