Awaiting full results in Excel  from the event organiser.  Poole Runners only listings will be posted here as soon as they  are available.   Provisional full results can be found on the event web-site.

1MULRYAN, Daniel00:26:30
3 WILLMORE, Dominic 00:27:57
5EAST, Tom 00:28:21
8CLAXTON, Steve 00:28:59
11YATES, Steven00:29:30
12AKERS, Michael 00:29:38
26TROWBRIDGE, Barry00:30:42
33COOPER, Mick 00:31:11
35HAINES, John00:31:38
41EAST, Matthew 00:32:14
54LANGER, Melanie00:33:11
58LEWIS, Alan 00:33:37
86MOYSE, Graham00:35:40
91CARTWRIGHT, David00:35:55
107BARKER, Paula00:36:51
141WILLIAMS, Roy 00:38:37
146DWYER, Gary 00:39:05
151CARROLL, Mel00:39:15
157LEWIS, Howard 00:39:43
168HEATH, David 00:40:25
179MITCHELL, Barry00:41:17
254TOWNER, Kate 00:49:10