Dorset Road Race League (DRRL) Team Positions after three races

Our Club is a member of the Dorset Road Race League (DRRL). This long established road running league  allows Clubs affiliated to the DRRL to compete for prizes in age, team, gender  and fidelity categories. There are 12 races set each year for the DRRL, of varying distances.   Team positions are  taken from the first five male and first three female positions. The best seven count. Individual prizes are also awarded to the first runner in each age category and to the first runner in each Club. There are also fidelity awards to runners who complete all twelve races.  Prizes are presented at “The Junction” Broadstone in January of each year.

Full info can be viewed here:-

Current team positions after three races are posted below.  Many DRRL  races are also Poole Runners Club Championship events.

The positions based on the best two of the first three races. The best seven of the twelve races count over the full year for both individuals and clubs.

Club Male Team position is fourth.  We have the same number of points as Littlledown  but they are placed above us on “countback” 

Our Ladies team is currently second,  just point behind Littledown.  Remember its the best seven from twelve that count.