Hello Poole Runners, a brief “Coronavirus – Covid 19” club update.

Myself and our wonderful coaches, leaders & committee members, have spent the last 48 hours discussing how / if to proceed with club sessions this coming week. To complement our discussion, we also reached out to other local clubs, The Junction Leisure Centre and Ashdown Leisure Centre. Additionally, both the Poole Festival of Running and Couch 2 5K teams are working on potential mitigation plans, should they be required.

We appreciate how important exercise is for physical and mental wellbeing and with that in mind, I am pleased to confirm we currently have sufficient resources to safely operate all of the planned sessions this week – Monday Plod, Plod Lite & Track, Tuesday Lockyers Intervals, Wednesday club run, Thursday track and Saturday Lockyers juniors. We will communicate as quickly as possible should this plan change.

However, ultimately all athletes, parents of athletes, runners and anyone else connected to Poole Runners must decide how to react to the Coronavirus outbreak. This may include deciding to self-isolate or stop participating in training and/or sporting events.

Before attending a club session: Check the NHS instructions and symptoms and if you have any them or have any doubts, hesitation or concerns at
all, please do not risk your health, or that of fellow members, stay at home instead.

During a club session: Follow the NHS instructions (catch it – bin it – kill it). Be mindful of social distancing guidelines (keeping a distance of 2 meters away, no handshakes etc.) and be respectful of everyone’s preferences. Please be particularly aware of hand washing etc., especially following the use of any equipment.

Poole Runners will continue to follow England Athletics advice which is detailed in this link.


Sarah Swift
Poole Runners Chair.