The Poole Runners committee have agreed a new format of club championships to trial for 2017 incorporating two separate competitions.

Firstly, a road race championship comprising of 15 races divided in to short, medium and long distance bands (1 to 5 miles,10 km to 10 miles, half marathon and over). You must complete 7 races to qualify, with at least one race from each of the three distance bands.

Secondly, an off-road championship consisting of 10 races of which you must complete 6 to qualify. The races selected for 2017 range from 5 km to half marathon. There are no distance bands in the off-road championships.

You may compete in either, or both, road and off-road club championships.
To encourage maximum participation an ‘Endeavour’ award is being introduced that will be awarded to every club member that completes 12 races or more across one or both of the competitions.

Both championships are open to First Claim Adult (18+ on 1st January) Members whose membership is up to date for each of their qualifying races.

All age categories are based on member’s age as at 1st January.

Club vests must be worn.

In the event of a tie in the road race championship the best 10 mile race time counts.

In the event of a tie in the off-road championship the best 10 km race time counts.

Should those tied have not completed a 10 mile or 10 km race, then the longest common race counts.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd of each age category and also those qualifying for an Endeavour award.

The attached document lists all of the races selected for both Road and Off-Road championships. Some of the dates listed are provisional and will be updated as these are confirmed by race organisers. The attachment is also designed for you to print off to aid your planning. Please click here to view -> poole-runners-club-championships-2017

For those using on line calendars, Sarah Swift will create facebook events and web site events during the Christmas break for all the club championship, DRRL and DCC races. The club championship page of the website will be updated in due course too.

Any questions please contact Dave Graham or any of your committee members.