Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Joining the Club

How far to you run?

Structured groups are available covering, 4 miles, 6 miles and 10 miles each at 7:30 m/m pace, 8:30 m/m pace and 9:30m/m pace. You can choose how far you want to run each week, its up to you! Runners often change groups depending on how they feel.

The leaders of each group will change from week to week. You can find out who they are either on our club night page and they will be announced at the club before going out to run.


Where do you run?

All Wednesday Club runs start at The Broadstone Sports Centre from 7pm. Each week the route is different, however generally they cover Poole, Wimborne, Canford Heath, Upton etc. We have summer and winter routes, view the details here.

How can I get a club vest?

For all competitions when representing the club you are required to ear a club vest. To order your club vest please go to


Are there any social events?

We’re a lively club and organise various social events. There are always a number of us having a post run drink on a Wednesday night at The Junction (Broadstone Sports Centre). Have a look at the Social Events section of this website, or visit our Facebook page for more info on what’s going on.

Does everyone run in races?

No, some of us just run for fun and to keep fit but a few of us, of varying abilities do like to enter races. The Club Championship gives you the opportunity to race against your friends if you choose to!

How much is it to join?

If you decide to join us, full membership which includes registration with England Athletics costs £35 per year. Junior membership with EA affiliation costs £35 per year. Reductions available for non competitive runners/athletes. Membership period from 1st April to 31st March. View our membership page for more info.

Can I have a trial session?

You are welcome to come along and try us out for a couple of weeks (no pressure to join).  We meet at 6:45pm in the upstairs bar with announcements, notices etc and then go for a run.

You will need to pay an entry fee to the Leisure Centre to use the facilities (showers etc) but if you decide to join, this will be covered by your membership fees.  Please remember to bring a high-vis/reflective running top for safety during the winter months.

Sports Injuries

What are shin splints?

Shin splints is a general term used to describe exercise-induced pain in the front of the lower legs, or shins.

The shin pain can be felt during or after running. The pain is felt along the shin bone (tibia), which runs down the inner part of your shin. At first you will feel a dull, aching pain. If you ignore it and continue to run, it can become very painful and you may have to stop exercising altogether.

It’s really important not to “run through the pain” because shin pain could be a sign of an injury to the bone and surrounding tissues in your leg. Continued force on your legs will make the injury and your pain worse.

If possible, stop doing the activity which causes the problem for at least two weeks.

What is runners knee?

During your run, you may develop pain at the front of the knee, around the knee or behind the kneecap. The pain may be dull or it could be sharp and severe.