Results from the weekend’s  Dorset Invader

Well done to all, especially running in such hot conditions.
Have we missed anyone?

Dorset Invader Marathon – Results  17th July (256 finishers)
51st Dave Graham 4:57:37
53rd Rich Meston 4:53:40
87th Paul Downes 5:08:22
162nd Steve Davis 5:58:46

Dorset Invader Half Marathon – 16th July (414 finishers)
30th Alan Lewis 1:51:57 (1stM60)
76th David Calton 2:03:06 (2ndM60)
79th Derek Wingrove 2:04:06
155th Tony Bevan 2:18:35
304th Claudia Howse 2:54:00
305th Sarah Swift 2:54:01
306th Paul Viney 2:54:01
345th Annabel Thorne (+1) 3:08:41
355th Esther Downes 3:11:04
356th Lucy Culkin 3:11:05