Thanks to everyone who attended the club mile, great to see so many juniors and seniors running together and encouraging each other. Some great times and PB’s and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening. (For comparison the 2015 results can also be seen in a preceding post)

1SMITH, AndrewPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:25
2MALRYAN, DanPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:25
3WILLMORE, DominicPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:28
4BROWN, SamPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:35
5EAST, TomPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:36
6LLEWELLYN, JohnPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:04:49
7MITCHELL, JosephPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:04:57
8TOWNER, JohnPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:00
9TOBY, RupertPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:05
10WILLMORE, NathanielPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:05:07
11CLAXTON, StevePoole RunnersMale Vet 40-4400:05:08
12O'CONNOR, SerenaPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-1900:05:14
13OGLES, StephenPoole RunnersMale Vet 40-4400:05:20
14DUNNING, JacobPoole RunnersMale Youths 14-1900:05:24
15HAINES, JohnPoole RunnersMale Vet 40-4400:05:26
16BRODIE, WilliamPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:05:28
17KIMBER, FernPoole RunnersGirls 8-1300:05:35
18SOMERS, ColinPoole RunnersMale Vet 40-4400:05:36
19INGHAM, VickiPoole RunnersFemale 20-3400:05:40
20AMOS, StevePoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:48
21SEXTON, NeilPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:48
22STRATFORD, ChrisPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:48
23FERENCZY, PeterPoole RunnersMale Vet 50-5400:05:50
24DOWNES, PaulPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:05:53
25LEWIS, AlanPoole RunnersMale Vet 65-6900:05:54
26O'CONNOR, SimonGuestMale Vet 50-5400:05:54
27SHORT, LitaPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-1900:06:01
28OZANNE, DavidPoole RunnersMale Vet 55-5900:06:04
29FORSTER, AlicePoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-1900:06:12
30WINGROVE, DerekPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:06:14
31DENNISON, GrahamPoole RunnersMale Vet 40-4400:06:20
32CARTWRIGHT, ChrisPoole RunnersMale 20-3900:06:24
33FORSTER, SusiePoole RunnersGirls 8-1300:06:25
34SWIFT, SarahPoole RunnersFemale Vet 45-4900:06:27
35SMITH, CarolinePoole RunnersGirls 8-1300:06:28
36FRAMPTON, KellyPoole RunnersFemale 20-3400:06:28
37NUNN, FinlayPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:06:31
38FRAMPTON, RobertPoole RunnersMale Vet 50-5400:06:33
39FRASER, KeithPoole RunnersMale Vet 60-6400:06:34
40SOMERS, IsabellePoole RunnersGirls 8-1300:06:36
41BRUCE, HannahPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-1900:06:37
42DWYAR, GaryPoole RunnersMale Vet 55-5900:06:45
43GHABAEE, KhalilPoole RunnersMale Vet 50-5400:06:46
44SOMERS, CharliePoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:06:54
45JANSSON, LarsPoole RunnersMale Vet 70-7400:06:55
46DOWNES, EstherPoole RunnersFemale 20-3400:07:01
47SKINNER, GemmaLittledown HarriersFemale 20-3400:07:10
48SMALL, MilliePoole RunnersGirls 8-1300:07:31
49FRAMPTON, MarionPoole RunnersFemale Vet 55-5900:07:42
50EAST, WilliamPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:07:58
51NEWBERY-SMITH, DaltonPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:08:06
52NEWBERY-SMITH, GarrettPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:08:11
53INGHAM, CarolePoole RunnersFemale Vet 55-5900:08:12
54TOWNER, KatePoole RunnersFemale Vet 35-3900:08:24
55SHEEN, HelenPoole RunnersFemale Youths 14-1900:08:30
56BAYNE-AZCRATE, MarbellysPoole RunnersFemale Vet 40-4400:08:40
57NEWBERY SMITH, BodhinPoole RunnersBoys 8-1300:08:50
58HARRIS, JossieGuestFemale Vet 35-3900:08:58
59GRAY, MiriamPoole RunnersFemale Vet 70-7400:09:26
First Girl 8 to 13in a time of05:35Fern Kimber
First Female Youth 14 to 19in a time of05:14Serena O'Conner
First Female 20 to 39in a time of05:40Vicki Ingham
First Female 40 to 59in a time of06:27Sarah Swift
Female 60 plusin a time of09:26Miriam Gray
First Female Overallin a time of05:14Serena O'Conner
First Boy 8 to 13in a time of05:28William Brodie
First Male Youth 14 to 19in a time of04:25Andrew Smith
First Male 20 to 39in a time of04:48John Llewellyn
First Male 40 to 59in a time of05:08Steve Caxton
Male 60 plusin a time of05:54Alan Lewis
First Male Overallin a time of04:25Andrew Smith