Please select from one of the two Club Vest options below. Voting will close on Saturday 17th February 2018.

There has been a lot of conversation about our club vest's look, colour, design, fit, feel and more, so the committee made a decision to replace the vests with more modern ones. Made from modern 'wicking' fabric and having a non-seamed sublimated design, the new ones should stop many of the issues that runners have with the current ones.

When we discussed this we also thought we would listen to those in the club that think we should change the design. People have mentioned the white gets dirty and the vertical 1/3 stripes aren't flattering to some.

So we came up with a design that matches our very popular new hoodies and tracksuit trousers. Over the years the club vest has changed a few times, so this would not be new.

Both designs will be available as a tee shirt for those that are not fans of vests and the vest will be available in different fits and neck designs.