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Runners meet at Ashdown Leisure Centre and book in at the track-side hub*.

Warm up around the track and then do your drills routine or join in with the main group for a communal warm-up and drills phase before the session is announced.


All sessions are made flexible to accommodate the needs of new runners and experienced marathoners/track athletes alike.

Be aware that in some cases this means the recoveries may be longer than advertised, to help keep the group together**; more experienced runners will be invited to keep bespoke timings as their condition and ability develops (regardless of speed!).


Main Session

  • 10x 400m @ threshold pace or faster, with 90 sec static recovery


Marathon training

  • 16x 400m @ threshold pace, with 90 sec recovery


Middle Distance (Speed) Session


  • 200m @ tempo pace, 60 sec recovery
  • 200m @ threshold pace, 60 sec recovery
  • 400m hard – 2 mins between 1st and 2nd set


  • 400m @ tempo pace,
  • 200m jog recovery
  • 200m hard – 90s rest between sets



* A £2 track fee applies

** If you’re setting your GPS watch up for the session, it’s advisable to use ‘on button press’ for laps. Running around the track isn’t a ‘GPS watch’ friendly activity and will usually indicate you’ve run further than you have, skewing your pace and distance records.

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