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Meet at Lockyers Middle School then warm up on the way to specific locations for the sessions.

Most runners can expect to do the whole session, although those who are tapering, building up or otherwise don’t want to do the full session can agree which bits to miss out with the coaches.

Main Intervals Session – Henbury View

  • 7x 800m with 90 sec static recoveries
  • 75m hill sprints

Middle distance runners:

They will do the same session as the main group but only 6x 800m reps, instead of 7

Marathon Training Group – Fairview Crescent

  • 25 minutes @ marathon pace, 3 mins jog recovery
  • 5x 4 mins @ half marathon pace, 2 min jog recovery between each. 3 minutes after last rep
  • 25 minutes @ marathon pace


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