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Our Committee Members 2018 to 2019

1James Skipworth (JS)Chairman & PFoR Committee Chairman
2Alan Lewis (AL)Vice Chairman
3Sarah Swift (SS)Female Captain / Broadstone 1/4 Marathon RD /Secretary
4Neil Sexton (NS)Male Captain
5Annette Lewis (ANL)Track and Field Secretary
6Matthew East (MEWU18 Committee Chainman
7Peter Ferenczy (PF)Treasure
8Roger Cross (RC)Membership Secretary
9Kirsty Cooper (KC)General Committee Member / Couch to 5k
10Khalil Ghabaee (KG)General Committee Member / DRRL
11Kelly AmosGeneral Committee Member / Club Champs
12Sean Perrin (SP)General Committee Member
13Faye Law (FL)General Committee Member / New Member and Social Liaison
14Janson Mumford (JM)General Committee Member / Secretary Support
15Graham DennisonGeneral Committee Member / Club Kit
15Dave Graham (GDGeneral Committee Member/ Simmer Series Race Director
16Easter Downes (ED)Welfare Officer