We have a large team of trained coaches covering different activities to help develop your running and athletic skills.

Our coaching team consists of:

  • Les Turner: Head Coach, Lead Coach in sprinting. Quad kids and u18 track and field. Contact turners310@btinternet.com
  • Annette Lewis: Lead Coach in middle distance, steeple chase, distance  and cross country, track and field secretary. Contact email:  nett107@hotmail.com
  • Graham Watson: Lead coach (uka flying coach previously) in hurdles both sprint and 400m.
  • Sue Cracknell: Middle distance and quad kids.
  • Haydn Morris: Coach, works mainly with athletes at the Saturday training session.
  • Alan Lewis: Assistant Coach focusing on middle distance, long distance, cross country.
  • David Ozanne: Assistant Coach focusing on distance running and undertaking full coach award training.
  • Lea Short: Assistant coach focused in Middle Distance, Steeple Chase, Distance, Cross Country and throws.
  • Dave Cartwright: Leader in running ftness, focusing on distance running.
  • Esther Downes : Leader in running Fitness. focusing on Couch to 5km courses.

All coaches can be found upon the UKA registered coaches data base.

Presently Completing Training are:

  • Neil Chivers: Completing his full coaches award with the aim to work within the Sprint section of Poole Runners.
  • Tom East: Preparing to attend Assistant Coaches award with the aim to work within the Middle Distance, Steeple Chase, Distance and Cross Country.
  • Steven Short: Preparing to attend Assistant Coaches award. Main aim to focus on Jumps.
  • Claire Lehmann: Preparing to attend Assistant Coaches Award. Main aim to work within Throws.
  • Sarah Swift: Preparing to attend Leadership in running fitness Award. Supporting Cross Country and coach to 5km.