Members Survey 2019 2019-01-13T21:06:23+00:00

Poole Runners Member’s Survey 2019


Age Group
Under 11’s11+13+16+Seniors (18+)

Why did you choose Poole Runners to be your running/athletics club? (Tick all that apply)
CostLocation / Session TimesBeginners programme (Eg Couch / Plod)Friendly team membersAbility of other athletesCoaches / Leaders at club

What do you want from your running club overall? (Tick all that apply)
Coaching eg Form/TechniqueSupport / Mentoring / EncouragementSocial AspectsGeneral health and Fitness BenefitsSessions I can attend to run with others

What sessions do you attend? (Tick all that apply) Mon – PlodMon – TrackTues – Speed IntervalsWed – Club NightThu – TrackSat – Track (Lockyers)

Do you know who to go to for support with your running?